Corporate volunteering on Shotover

Bespoke sessions in wildlife conservation

Restoring a rare open habitat by clearing woody regrowth
An Oxford electronics company, 2016

Cost: Free
We are a not-for-profit organisation
What's in it for you? Working out in the countryside
Good exercise
Making a difference for wildlife
Learning new skills
Team building
What's in it for us? Wildlife conservation
The extra help is of great benefit to conserving and restoring habitats at Shotover
Group size: Small or large (~10-50 people)
When: Any time of year
Also, booking at short notice is sometimes possible
Type of work: Winter time is usually coppicing work and tree felling

Summer is usually heathland and wetland work

You'll be using bow saws, loppers, pruning saws, rakes, and other hand tools to cut and clear shrubs and trees.
Other work includes building log piles.
Length of session: All day or half a day
You can choose start and finish times
We provide: Instruction, supervision, tools and gloves
You need to provide: Stout footwear and suitable clothing
Lunch and drink
Session leaders: Led by knowledgeable conservationists
The leaders have many years of experience in ecology and wildlife conservation, including the supervision of corporate teams – large and small.
The day’s work is thoroughly planned, and matched to the particular requirements of the group.
The ecological context of the work is explained in brief with more detail as required.
First Aider: An experienced first aider is in attendance at all times
Risk Assessment: Shotover Wildlife carries out a risk assessment prior to the day's work
Insurance: All workers are insured under Shotover Wildlife's insurance
Contact: Email Ivan Wright to discuss your requirements in more detail