Shotover Wildlife is a voluntary organisation founded in 1999 to research and communicate the importance of Shotover Hill for wildlife.

There are many different opportunities to contribute to our wildlife work at Shotover SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) whether beginner or expert.

Shotover Wildlife:

Shotover Wildlife was formed at a time when there was little up-to-date knowledge of Shotover's ecology, and some habitats were in decline. Over the subsequent years, the organisation has gathered together like-minded naturalists and learners who all contribute their specialities towards a more global understanding of wildlife of the area.
Shotover Wildlife provides up-to-date wildlife information for visitors to Shotover and local organisations. This has been maintained through talks, public events, newsletter articles, a growing series of factual leaflets on various wildlife topics, a book and a number of reports (see Leaflets, Maps and Publications and Past Events).

Our main field activity is species identification and giving support to individual members in their desire to learn and/or increase their field skills (many graduate students have gained valuable field experience from their membership). The results from our work are used to further understand the local ecology and to support informed conservation work wherever possible. In past years most work has focussed on Brasenose Wood and Shotover Hill Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI): in more recent years our study has extended to private and/or listed reserves around the county.

For further information see About Shotover Wildlife.